NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TRAILER MANUFACTURERS (NATM) urge you to check for the NATM Compliance before you consider  purchasing your next trailer.
Today's sophisticated water vehicles have more punch & power than ever, but that also means a tougher, heavier trailer payload. Protect your investment with a McClain boat trailer that has the muscle and capacity to safely transport your water vehicles to your destination.

McClain Boat Trailers manufactures a complete line of aluminum  or galvanized boat trailers. McClain  has a complete inventory of boat trailer parts as well as  accessories to meet all your needs.

Utility Trailers -Texas Bragg
Cargo Trailers - Continental Cargo
T R A I L E R S  inc.
Aluminum Trailer Design Bolted Verses Welded

Aluminum Pontoon

Triple Axle Series 15K
Tandem Axle Series 5K
Tandem Axle Series 4.2K
Single Axle Series 3.2 - 4.2K